LOVE OVER FEAR, brought to life by Emir Tugral in 2021, is a design company from Zurich that presents premium streetwear garments as prêt-à-porter collections.

The inspiration of LOVE OVER FEAR's designs are based on influences from postmodern art forms as well as personal development. As a theme for the first season, LOVE OVER FEAR combines impressions from Positive Thinking with nostalgic references to American pop culture. Emir studied Fashion Business at the Institue Français de la Mode, Paris after launching his first online store.

Without a background related to fashion, Tugral refers his mastery of the craftmanship to growing up with the stories of his great-great grandmother who was the tailor in charge for Abdulaziz the 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in the "Topkapı" Palace in Istanbul in the 1800s and a grandmother who was a tailor.

LOVE OVER FEAR wants to inspire, redesign focus in life, take on a journey and enjoy the finer things along the way.